Agroforestry technologies and systems

Enhancing understanding of the costs, benefits and risks of agroforestry technologies and systems under varying conditions

The adoption and spread of agroforestry technologies among smallholders has lagged behind scientific and technological advances. We are analyzing the various barriers, including lack of security of land tenure, lack of appropriate policy and institutional contexts and other biophysical, economic, social and cultural constraints.

With this information, we can target our research towards disseminating technologies that can provide high value crop systems, such as fruit and vegetable trees, which are appropriate to local conditions.

Key projects

Rainwater harvesting
This project is promoting the harvesting and use of rainwater for all purposes, but most specifically for agricultural production in Southern and Eastern Africa and South Asia. Over exploitation and pollution of both river and groundwater has occurred as a result of industrialization, urbanization and increased intensity of agricultural production to feed an ever growing population. Water availability has also declined due to inadequate government policy support, investment lack of knowledge and skills to implement available technologies.

Watershed management
Despite substantial research, many misconceptions exist about the relationships between trees and water in landscapes. The World Agroforestry Centre is building on more than two decades of research into watershed management issues in the tropics to improve the empirical evidence, tools and overall scientific basis of watershed management, particularly on the potential of trees on farms to shape hydrologic processes.