Southeast Asia Publications

We list the scientific outputs from ICRAF-SEA staff. Books, research reports, proceedings, journal articles, etc. can be obtained as long as the stock lasts, otherwise photocopies can be made available. You may also download the PDF file for free. This lists below are listed per type and per current year.

Found 2834 publication(s)

  • JA0570-14
    Xu R, Mortimer PE, Kuang RP, He J, Zhang WD and Yin F. 2013. Sublethal impact of paraquat on the life span and parasitic behavior of Diaeretiella rapae M'Intosh. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B:Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes. 48. (8)P. 651-657.
  • JA0569-14
    Junsongduang A, Balslev H, Inta A, Jampeetong A and Wangpakapattanawong P. 2014. Karen and Lawa medicinal plant use:Uniformity or ethnic divergence?. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 151. : P. 517–527. URL
  • JA0568-14
    Khuankaew S, Srithi K, Tiansawat P, Jampeetong A, Inta A and Wangpakapattanawong P. 2014. Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by Tai Yai in Northern Thailand. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 151. (2)P. 829–838. URL
  • MN0058-14
    Galudra G, Sirait MT, Pasya G, Fay CC, Suyanto S, van Noordwijk M and Pradhan U. 2013. RaTA: Manual Penilaian Cepat Konflik Pertanahan. . Yogyakarta, Indonesia. STPN Press. 138 p.
  • JA0567-14
    Yaoji L, Yunju L, Xiaoshuang L and Xu JC. 2012. Response of hydrological processes to land cover and climate changes in Songhuaba watershed, Southwest China. Disaster Advances. 5. : P. 68-76.
  • MN0057-14
    2013. The Talking Toolkit: how smallholding farmers and local governments can together adapt to climate change. (in Vietnamese Language). In: Simelton E, Dam VB, Finlayson R and Lasco RD,eds. . Hanoi, Vietnam. World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) - Vietnam. 52 p.
  • MN0056-14
    2013. The Talking Toolkit: how smallholding farmers and local governments can together adapt to climate change.. In: Simelton E, Dam VB, Finlayson R and Lasco RD,eds. . Hanoi, Vietnam. World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) - Vietnam. 52 p.
  • JA0566-14
    MacFarlane DW, Kuyah S, Mulia R, Dietz J, Muthuri C and van Noordwijk M. 2014. Evaluating a non-destructive method for calibrating tree biomass equations derived from tree branching architecture. Trees. . : P. 1-11.
  • JA0565-14
    Ranjitkar S. 2013. Effect of Elevation and Latitude On Spring Phenology Of Rhododendron at Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, East Nepal. International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology. 1. (4)P. 253-257.
  • JA0564-14
    Metzger MJ, Bunce R, Jongman R, Sayre R, Trabucco A and Zomer RJ. 2012. A high-resolution bioclimate map of the world: a unifying framework for global biodiversity research and monitoring. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 22. (5)P. 630–638.
  • JA0563-14
    Meiying H, Xu JC and Zhu Y. 2013. Causes of rubber seed oil deterioration with high acid value. China Oils and Fats. 9. : P. 41-45. URL
  • JA0562-14
    Joann CL, Fletcher C, Salim HM, Rahman A, Harrison RD and Potts MD. 2011. Insectivorous bat assemblage in the hill dipterocarp forest of Temengor Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia. Malayan Nature Journal. 63. (3)P. 569-576.
  • JA0561-14
    Zomer RJ, Trabucco A, Wang M, Lang R, Huafang C, Metzger MJ, Smajgl A, Beckschäfer P and Xu JC. 2014. Environmental stratification to model climate change impactson biodiversity and rubber production in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. Biological Conservation. 170. : P. 264–273.
  • JA0560-14
    Shi L, Mortimer PE, Slik JF, Zou X, Xu JC, Feng W and Qiao L. 2013. Variation in forest soil fungal diversity along a latitudinal gradient. Fungal Diversity. 64. (1)P. 305-315.
  • JA0559-14
    Pang C, Haiying Y, He J and Xu JC. 2013. Deforestation and Changes in Landscape Patterns from 1979 to 2006 in Suan County, DPR Korea. Forests. 4. : P. 968-983.
  • JA0558-14
    Bi YF, Xu JC, Li Q, Guisan A, Thuiller W, Zimmermann NE, Yang Y and Yang X. 2013. Applying BioMod for Model-Ensemble in Species Distributions: a Case Study for Tsuga chinensis in China. Plant Diversity and Resources. 35. (5)P. 647-655.
  • JA0557-14
    Thuynsma R, Valentine A and Kleinert A. 2013. Phosphorus deficiency affects the allocation of below-ground resources to combined cluster roots and nodules in Lupinus albus. Journal of Plant Physiology. 171. (3-4)P. 285–291.
  • JA0556-14
    Silva DD, Rapior S, Sudarman E, Stadler M, Xu JC, Alias SA and Hyde KD. 2013. Bioactive metabolites from macrofungi: ethnopharmacology, biological activities and chemistry. Fungal Diversity. 62. : P. 1–40.
  • JA0555-14
    Frayer J, Sun Z, Müller D, Munroe DK and Xu JC. 2014. Analyzing the drivers of tree planting in Yunnan, China, with Bayesian networks. Land Use Policy. 36. : P. 248– 258.
  • JA0554-14
    de Blecourt M, Brumme R, Xu JC, Corre MD and Veldkamp E. 2013. Soil Carbon Stocks Decrease following Conversion of Secondary Forests to Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Plantations. PLOS One. 8. (7)P. 1-9.