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TitleHot spots in Riau, haze in Singapore: the June 2013 event analyzed
AuthorAndree Ekadinata, Meine van Noordwijk, Suseno Budidarsono and Sonya Dewi
PublisherWorld Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
City of PublicationNairobi, Kenya
Series NumberASB Policybrief No. 33
Number of Pages6
Call NumberPB0064-13
1. As well as small- and large-scale operators, a third category of ‘local, midlevel entrepreneurs’ has economic and environmental impact on Sumatra.
2. About half of the fire ‘hot spots’ in Riau province occur on land with an active permit for large-scale operations (industrial timber, oil palm and logging); the rest occur outside permitted areas for land-use conversion.
3. Hot spots are concentrated on the deepest peat soil, in areas that already were deforested before 2010.
4. On mineral soils, hot spots are most frequent in logged-over forests.
5. The hot spots are concentrated in three districts. The pattern points to large differences in governance within the province. Sufficient real-time data is now available for government agencies to act but data confidentiality still limits public discourse.
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