PRESA praised by expert from State of the World 2011 report

The World Agroforestry Centre's Pro-poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa (PRESA) project was recently featured in a blog post by Danielle Nierenberg. She is the co-Project Director of State of the World 2011 report from the WorldWatch Institute. During her travels exploring sustainable ways of alleviating hunger and poverty, she discovered a PRESA project involving smallholder famers living near the Sasumua dam in Nairobi, Kenya. PRESA ensures that smallholder farmers like those residing within the Sasumua area benefit from providing ecosystem services.

PRESA focuses on sharing information amongst many stakeholders for the purpose of encouraging practices that help smallholder farmers achieve equitable rewards for providing ecosystem services. "Rewards can come in many different forms. The community-based rewards can be a powerful incentive for protecting the environment -- schools, roads, and wells can be built in return for using sustainable farming techniques." Says Danielle.

To find out more on her thoughts about the PRESA project, read her blog Innovation of the Week: Rewarding Farmers for Providing Ecosystem Services.