Everyone agrees: Trees and forests can feed the poor

The CPF recently highlighted how forests can help in poverty reduction, something which has been endorsed by members of the Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

CPF claims that forests are important for feeding the world's hungry and that policy makers should consider this when deciding how forests should be managed. The World Agroforestry Center’s Director General, Tony Simons, explained, “Agroforestry provides a climate smart agriculture alternative that can increase food production and improve farmers’ incomes and living standards.”

It is reported that FRA is openly in support of the call to make people aware of the importance of forests in the feeding of the world's poor. The poor cannot be fed if forest management policies do not take into account the ability of forests to alleviate poverty suggests FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins. He said "“We agree that important consideration should be given to the important role and standing forests and sustainable forestry management plays in the developing world".

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