Capacity Development

Capacity development through various training and education activities is a high priority for the World Agroforestry Centre and most of our scientific and administrative staff are actively involved in this.

The global Capacity Development Unit located at our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya strives to assist our scientists and their partners in developing and strengthening capacity in areas related to our six global research priorities in the regions and countries where we work.

The World Agroforestry Cente regularly engages in critical discussions of our work through Science Seminar presentations Nairobi, which are attended by staff, partner organisations, and interested attendees.  The seminars are instrumental as  fora for staff and other scientists to get in touch with the work of other colleagues as well as share theirs. The seminars are intended amongst other things to:

  1. Share existing scientific knowledge
  2. Share new approaches and methods as well as old methods and approaches to do new science
  3. Share latest results from ongoing work
  4. Share new scientific directions for discussion
  5. Provide fundraisers with good materials to support requests
  6. Produce working papers from the seminars where necessary and
  7. Build capacity for young scientists

Seminars slides are posted on the intranet to ICRAF Staff outreach and slideshare on Capacity Development website under elearning.