EverGreen Agriculture Project

About us:

As the name suggests, EverGreen Agriculture refers to an agroforestry practice which advocates for the maintenance of green cover on farmlands throughout the year. EverGreen Agriculture incorporates particularly selected tree species in annual cropping systems preferably integrated with conservation agriculture practices. It is emerging as an affordable and accessible science-based approach to caring better for the land and increasing smallholder food production through realizing multiple benefits which include:

  • Nitrogen fixation and nutrient cycling
  • Maintaining vegetative soil cover
  • Weed suppression
  • Enhancing soil structure and water infiltration and penetration
  • Food, fodder, fuel, fiber and income from tree products
  • Carbon storage
  • Biodiversity conservation

Our Vision

Our vision of success is rooted in reaching at least 1 million farmers in SSA over a period of 10 years. The proposed project aims at contributing to this vision by reaching at least 50,000 farmers with Evergreen Agriculture practices by the end of the year, 2013.

During this period, farmers will be empowered with knowledge and practices on EverGreen Agriculture thereby contributing to increased crop and livestock productivity, soil nutrient replenishment, increased incomes and household asset accumulation leading to improved nutrition and food security. Increased tree and crop biodiversity will contribute to diversifying farmers’ options and their resilience to climate change while providing potential for carbon credits.

Our Goal:  The overall objective of the project is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Eastern and southern Africa while sustaining the natural resource base, by promoting the Conservation agriculture and Agroforestry practices.

Our Purpose: To build capacity of smallholder farmers in conservation agriculture and agroforestry practices for improved nutrition, household income and landscape health in Eastern and southern Africa.

For more information download EverGreen Highlights

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