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SD6 Climate change

Climate change

Global Landscapes Forum 2014

Lima, Peru
Date - Start: 
December 6, 2014
Date - End: 
December 7, 2014

Seeing and hearing farmers through photos and videos

Using photos in focus groups along with a video baseline survey puts faces to the once-anonymo

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Seeing and hearing farmers through photos and videos
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Ryan Tulusan of Bantuanon, Lantapan, Philippines, shows the extent of flooding on his farm in the rainy season

Asian Food Security Summit in Jakarta, 8-9 October 2014

The Aid and International Development Forum's second Food Security Summit: Asia will be a unique global platform promoting food security in vulnerable and developing regions.

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Food Security Summit: Asia 2014
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The summit will address how the supply of nutritious food is under threat and what we can do about it

The CGIAR Development Dialogues 2014 and Living Data competition

The year 2014 marks an historic opportunity to communicate the importance of research on sustainable agriculture to people involved in the policy processes

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CGIAR Development Dialogues and Living Data competition
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Communicating the importance of research on sustainable agriculture

Peran pohon petani kecil dalam menumbuhkan pasar ramah lingkungan

Pelatihan agroforestri jelutung untuk lahan gambut bagi petani

Which agroforest for which farm under changing climates?

Climate change is often thought to mean rising temperatures, drought and stronger typhoons. However, it is not limited to only extreme events.

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Assessing the benefits of agroforestry
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Agroforestry helps smallholders adapt to climate risks and mitigate climate change. But farmers need to look closely at the benefits and trade-offs
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